A Farewell

The plane landed, the flight attendants made their announcements in French and I sat in awe of my Maker, remembering that 10 years ago in this City of Lights, He invited Jamie to begin a ministry specifically for missionaries. This divine invitation and her obedience became Oaks Counseling. And God, in His complete goodness, has allowed me to be a part of His healing work by serving His sent ones. The story of The Oaks is far bigger than anything I could ever try to comprehend for it is God’s story. The story of my life thus far is bigger than anything I could have ever imagined for it is God’s story. In His wise and sovereign plan, He allowed my story to connect with The Oaks’ story. Even as I type these words, I am overcome with humility and gratitude.

Ten years ago, as a recent graduate from The University of Texas at Austin, I believed that the Lord was asking me to invest my life in college students and intern with Cru. I would later serve overseas with Cru pioneering a new university ministry in Athens, Greece. I would return to the US to work with Cru Global Missions sending and caring for missionaries. And He was using every moment of those 9 years serving with Cru to prepare me to join The Oaks.

Even as I depart, standing at this new precipice, I am ever confident that He led me to serve with The Oaks for such a time as this. It has been a year filled with incredible personal and professional growth. It has been a year of privilege in coming alongside missionaries and offering them “an oasis in a dry road”, as one missionary shared. While I am filled with an excitement for what He has to come, I am also saddened to leave a ministry that has meant so much to me and those we have served.

As I transition from The Oaks and close a 10 year season of vocational ministry, the Lord gave me a very sweet ending. One of my last ministry assignments with The Oaks was partnering with Cru to debrief their Athens, Greece team. What a beautiful and full circle that only He could have scripted. He is the perfect Author. The story that He has entrusted me with is one I hold dear and do not take lightly. That He gave me this year with The Oaks has been one of my life’s honors and I am forever marked by the blessing this ministry offers. While I will no longer be on staff, I look forward to future partnerships with The Oaks. The Oaks is now a part of my story and I am part of The Oaks’ story and we are part of the grandest of all stories.

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