Do You Celebrate?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Was it a good day for you? For those of us who have been married for a while, it’s easy to downplay days like this and dismiss them as commercialized by Hallmark Cards and Florists. My real question for you is not about the celebration of a particular day but about the celebration of your relationship as husband and wife.  Have you learned to celebrate each other?

I’m not talking about spending a lot of money and designing an extravaganza. I am talking about the celebration of a thank you for a routine task, a compliment for just being the person they are, a random hug just because, a simple “I love you” for no particular reason.

I call this the development of a culture of celebration in your home. It is sad how many homes have become a place where the good is taken for granted and the negative is what gets the attention. It’s pretty hard to recognize the fruit of the Spirit in such an atmosphere. No wonder Paul tells us in several places to ”always give thanks” as in develop a culture of celebration.

So I hope you did have a great Valentines day and celebrated well. But more than that, I hope you develop a culture of celebration in your home where on a daily basis you see and celebrate the gift God has given you in the spouse He sovereignly brought into your life.

Don’t let the demands of ministry so fill your focus that you miss the richness and joy within in your own home.

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