womanA cross-cultural worker or missionary interested in receiving free or reduced fee counseling should contact our intake coordinator directly at stating your counseling need and home State.

Our intake coordinator handles all the Oaks intakes and match missionaries with a counselor. Phone or online counseling for missionaries would ideally be provided by a counselor or licensed therapist from your home State so that when you return home or furlough, you can receive counseling in person. During the intake process, you will be asked to (1) download one or all of the below documents and return them via email. In addition, you may be asked to (2) take an assessment so we can pair you with the best possible counselor for your needs.  The last step is to (3) complete a phone or online interview to go over your history and assessment before referring you to a therapist or counselor.  The referral process can take as little as a week to as long as a month depending on whether we have referring counselors in your home State area.  In addition, there are times where online or phone counseling options may not provide the best means of counseling for your needs.  In these circumstances, we would refer you to other ministries and counseling options outside our network.

  1. Oaks Consent to Consultation
  2. Oaks Consent to Consultation  (writeable pdf)
  3. Personal History Questionnaire
  4. Personal History Questionnaire  (writeable pdf)
  5. HIPAA Notice
  6. Release of Information
  7. Marital Confidentiality Release
  8. Prayer Ministry
  9. Holmes Rahe Stress Scale  (writeable pdf)

Updated 10/14/2020