Dr. Jim Masteller

Board Chairman and Founder of CIFT Counseling

jimIt is a privilege to serve those who serve!  God has called the Oaks into existence for just that purpose.  Missionaries around the world have answered God’s call upon their lives to serve faithfully where ever God would place them in His Kingdom.  The Oaks, under the leadership of Jamie Shepherd, is committed to supporting, encouraging and serving these missionaries, their families and their sending agencies in as many ways as possible.  Our primary focus is offering support in dealing with emotional, psychological and relational needs from a Biblical perspective.  As you read the website, you will see that we can offer counseling in many formats, training and educational experiences and other forms of support.  The Oaks is closely aligned with the Center for Individual and Family Therapy (CIFT), a Christian counseling center in southern California with a shared vision.  Together our goal is to collaborate with others who are like-minded and serve the missionary community as faithfully and fully as possible for God’s glory and the building of His Kingdom.  I am honored to be involved in the leadership of both CIFT and the Oaks.  I am looking forward to the future God has for us.